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Renewable energy



Serious games


Information and communication technologies

Management /

66°30 works at all different levels in many different ways to serve business units, start-ups, spin-offs, major corporations.

A la carte services: consulting, associate management, company management, shared time, etc.

Experience /

2016 - present /
Co-founder and CEO – E-ophtalmo SAS, Lyon, France – Telemedicine platform - Ophtalmology
Co-founder – President – Bio Booster SAS, Lyon, France – Mentorship for entrepreneurial innovators

2011 - present /
Founder-President-66°30 SAS, Lyon, France, Operational Consultancy for General Management (SMEs)

2008 - 2011 /
Molecular Biology Program Director-Biomerieux, Grenoble, France-Diagnostic

2001 - 2008 /
Founder and CEO-TRANSAT SA, Lyon, France-Biotechnology

1997 - 2001 /
Research Fellow - Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NYC, NY, USA Oncology

Direction /

Sophie Chappuis
20 years of experience in managing research teams, biotech start-ups and program management in the field of medical diagnostics.

Transat Biotechnology (Lyon, France): founder and CEO.

BioMérieux (Grenoble, France): Head of the molecular biology program, expert for Mérieux Développement.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (NYC, USA): Research fellow.

PhD (Lyon University Claude Bernard School of Sciences).

Enterprise Centre of EM Lyon business school.

Innovative Business Creation, Paris University Dauphine.

Management of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Industry, IFG (French Institute of Management).

Commitment /

66°30: the latitude of the Arctic and Antarctic poles, two imaginary lines which stimulate our curiosity.
66°30: the angle of inclination of the Earth in relation to its solar orbit, a perfect balance in the continual movement of celestial bodies.
66°30 is the name crafted for the company. It reflects not only our sense of conquest but also a balanced and sustainable vision of growth.
66°30 guarantees a human and personalised approach to the realities of business development, based first and foremost on solid scientific
          and managerial skills.